Slowly building a reference for growing as a developer.

Project Details

hackBytes.com is a site cataloging experiences with developing in various languages. The main objective is to publicize and archive information that may be useful and applicable to other developers.

This site was mainly created for the purposes of cataloging anything useful I learn. When I was younger, I honestly thought development would be an impossible skill to learn. There ended up being “key lessons” that I ultimately figured out. I will never forget them. But honestly, it wouldn’t have hurt to learn them sooner. Maybe this blog will help others in figuring things out!

hackBytes.com has been replaced by the new hackbytes.io blog. You can still view the old hackbytes.com version on the demo site.

Simple design, focusing on what’s important.

The simple color palette places focus on and emphasizes the main content.


hackBytes.com is completely driven on the purpose of being a useful reference to developers. Thus, a simple design naturally places focus on the content. Unnecessary distractions are completely avoided.

Simple navigation

The hierarchy of the site’s pages is kept relatively simple. There is the blog, which contains every post and each post’s associated comments. There are also a few pages containing different bits of information about the site. Simple navigation means readers spend less time trying to find content and more time getting stuff done.

Built with powerful systems.

This entire website is built on top of and makes use of some of the most powerful systems available in web application development.


Almost every part of the site is statically generated. This means that most of what a user sees are previously generated html files (thanks to Jekyll). This is a perfect system for a simple blog and portfolio, where dynamic programs typically cause much more overhead than it’s worth.

The portions of the site that make use of dynamic content generation use JavaScript to PHP as the client to server languages. Once the server has generated tailored content, it passes the generated data back to the JavaScript file as a JSON object. From there, the data is presented to the user.

Powered by Bootstrap

The website is built on top of Twitter’s Bootstrap. The website is mobile-ready and works on a wide range of devices.


  • Check icon  HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Check icon  Ruby, Sass, Jekyll
  • Check icon  Bootstrap
  • Check icon  Mobile-first, responsive design
  • Check icon  Statically-generated web pages

Code Snippets