Angular web app for managing your sales pipeline

Project Details

crm is a web-app I am actively working on to manage my sales pipelines.

The front-end is built using Angular. The project build chain is managed by angular-cli, which leverages webpack under-the-hood to compile the TypeScript, Sass. and other front-end assets. Unit-tests are written using the Jasmine framework, and are executed with the Karma test runner.

The back-end is built using the Express framework. It serves as the REST-like API layer, reading and writing data to a PostgreSQL database. Both Objection.js and Knex.js are leveraged where it makes sense, Objection for managing relational queries and Knex whenever more complex queries are needed.

The overall architecture is managed by Docker and AWS, in order to approximate more and more of an immutable infrastructure (and AWS is pretty mature in terms of AMI deployment patterns; Docker squeezes out efficiencies in making immutable infrastructure accessible and efficient for all environments, from development to production).

The app is still in active development, with my primary goal being to make it more and more useful for managing my own business pipelines.



  • Check icon  Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript, Sass
  • Check icon  NodeJS, Express API, PostgreSQL
  • Check icon  AWS Cloud Infrastructure
  • Check icon  Docker Containers
  • Check icon  Terraform

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