Creepypasta Files

The Creepypasta Files are a collection of creepypasta, scary stories, urban legends and accounts of various disturbing and frightening events.

Project Details

This application currently contains over 100 stories. New stories are constantly reviewed and approved for entry into the Creepypasta Files database.

Over 100 stories to read.

There are hundreds of creepypasta available all over the web. We’ve compiled some of the most popular stories and packaged them in a free application for your mobile device or tablet.

Keep track with bookmarks

It can be difficult to navigate through hundreds of stories. Bookmarks give you a way to save references to your favorite stories, or to a story you want to continue reading some other time.

You can add or remove bookmarks whenever you are reading a story by pressing the bookmark button on the top-right corner of the screen.

Portrait and Landscape support

This application supports all device orientations. Through the use of autoresizing masks, UI elements remain proportional and the user-experience is not compromised.

On-the-fly settings.

Access the settings screen whenever you want. Just press the settings button on the top right corner. Other settings are automatically configured and tailored for the device in use.


If, for whatever reason, you want to change the text size, you can do so in the settings screen. Simply click the text size button, and select a size.


Whenever possible and relevant, an image may be displayed along with the story. There aren’t many, but these images provide a much stronger vibe and realism to each story.

Phone and Tablet support

Whether you are using a mobile device or a tablet, this application has got you covered. Text and images will be rendered in appropriate sizes for each device. Tablet screens allow for slightly bigger text and larger images. Phones will render images to fit on the screen, relative to the screen-width.


  • Check icon  Objective-C, Java
  • Check icon  HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Check icon  SQLite
  • Check icon  Compatible with phones and tablets
  • Check icon  Portrait and landscape support

Code Snippets