Coloring Book

An application fitted perfectly for both mobile devices and tablets.

Project Details

Coloring Book is for anyone of any age and contains lots of pictures to color! This application contains no ads.

Multiple books to choose from

Coloring Book contains many different collections of images to color.

Coloring Books

Each coloring book, represented by a single canvas, contains a set of 10 images. The application comes with a free set to color. Should you decide you want more, you can always purchase more sets in the application shop.

Each set is a purchase-once unlimited use item. All purchases are restorable. So even if, one day, you uninstall the application and decide to reinstall it in the future, you will be able to color your purchased sets.

The pictures range from toys and games to farm animals and cute pets. And more are on their way. As more sets get released, there will be more and more images to color.

Paint or Fill? Brush or bucket?

With these tools at your disposal, you can color your images exactly how you want to.


With brush-mode, gone are the days where you just touch an area to fill it with color. Brush-mode allows you to color an image exactly the way you want to.

The brush-mode algoritms are constantly being improved in each update to allow for ever-improving accuracy on mobile devices.


Fill-mode allows you to completely fill a bounded section with color. The floodfill algorithm allows for pixel-perfect accuracy when using the fill-bucket.

It’s all in the layers…

The coloring book rendering engine uses multiple layers for rendering the image. This has many benefits and gives more control with regards to the presentation of the coloring pages.

Erase with ease

Erasing your colors will not erase the picture. The colors a user paints and the actual picture are drawn to two seperate layers. The result is that the picture will always be displayed, no matter how a user chooses to alter the image.

Layer maps make flood-filling a breeze

Each picture is backed by a “layer map.” These maps contain an outline of the pictures, with the outline being 1 pixel in width. The on-screen picture’s stroke-widths vary, as can be seen on the images to the left. The maps let the flood-fill algorithm fill an area without producing aliasing artifacts. The layering also allows for the fill to occur “behind-the-scenes.” The user only sees the result of the algorithm.


  • Check icon  Objective-C, Java
  • Check icon  HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Check icon  SQLite
  • Check icon  Paint-bucket and brush mode
  • Check icon  Compatible with phones and tablets

Code Snippets