Who is hackBytes for?

hackBytes is written for anyone who wants to master programming, as well as computer science. The current focus for all content is mobile and web application development.

What is hackBytes?

hackBytes is, at it’s core, a set of notebooks. It contains a distilled, to-the-point version of all the notes I have taken and the lessons I have learned as a growing mobile and web application developer. The one caveat is that I am intentionally making sure that the entire website can be understood by anyone. That way, hackBytes can be used and understood by anyone seeking to learn and improve their programming skills.

If there are ever any prerequisites to being able to understand something, I will either:

  • teach them myself
  • point to the most efficient way of learning the material

I do not intend to treat hackBytes as if it were a blog. Technology evolves and concepts change all the time. As a result, I may decide to update old articles with new information. If it helps, try not to think of hackBytes content as blog posts, but rather a constantly evolving (and very informal) documentation.

In the future, I am going to tackle the computer science field. I eventually want to understand advanced Machine Learning and Data Mining concepts. But one thing at a time. These fields are extensive. For now, I am focusing exclusively on mobile and web application development.

When to use hackBytes?

A new document is published sporadically! When I can maintain a regular schedule for writing new content, I’ll update this page with that schedule.

Where to use hackBytes?

Ummm. Anywhere! :-)

Why use hackBytes?

If you want to master programming as well as computer science, hackBytes may serve as a potential resource. Especially if you are interested in mobile and web application development.

hackBytes will contain thorough guides for each of the following fields:

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Application Development

Fields to be targeted in the future include:

  • Mac Software Development
  • Windows Software Development
  • Kernel Development
  • Computer Science

How to use hackBytes?

There are several approaches in terms of how you can effectively use hackBytes. Though nothing is stopping you from using a different approach:

  1. Start from the beginning and work your way up.
    • Most time consuming.
    • If you’re brand new to development you can gain the most out of this.
  2. Use whatever is relevant to your situation.
    • This is effective when you know what you are looking for. You focus on what you have not yet learned as opposed to spending time on material you have already learned or on things you will not need to know.

In short, while I AM writing everything so that it can be followed from beginning to end, it is not necessary to do so.